by Jesse Hendley

The High Cost of Being a Real Christians
Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 9:57-62

I want to speak to you now from the 9th chapter of the Gospel of Luke on THE HIGH COST OF BEING A REAL CHRISTIAN, the high cost of having REVIVAL. Remember, revival begins first of all in the individual soul. There is no such thing, of course, as revival-in-general. Revival doesn't come that way. It comes in the individual heart. And IT COSTS SOMETHING to walk with God! We have emphasized so much the ENTRANCE INTO salvation by BELIEVING (to the neglect of telling WHAT IT MEANS TO WALK ON with Christ and the evidences of real Christianity in the heart), that many people have been FOOLED and have thought that "simple acquiescence of mind" toward the Lord Jesus brings salvation. They use the term "believe" not in the sense of RECEIVING THE SAVIOUR and ETERNAL LIFE and entering into a life and living that life day by day, but rather simply as "an assent of mind" toward truth. Let me remind you that this is a matter of the heart; it COSTS something to be a real Christian, and our Lord Jesus lays it out before us here.

We have here in Luke 9, verses 57 to 62, the record of three men who wanted to follow Jesus, wanted to be a disciple of Jesus, wanted to be a Christian. To "follow" Jesus means to be a disciple of Jesus, to be a real Christian. And the Lord never made it easy! It is so easy to get into our churches. You can get into just about any church you please today. You don't have any trouble. There is no laying down of any rules of any sort. You simply say you "believe" on Christ, and you have entrance into most any church.

But the Lord Jesus put down before people the COST. He made them count the cost! He urged people to count the cost, because He didn't want spurious followers. He wanted SERIOUS, LISTENING converts, people who meant business, who would love Him and walk with Him. So He laid down the HIGH COST of being a real Christian.

Let's see now, verse 57. "And it came to p ...

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