by Stan Coffey

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The Pathway to Recovery (1 of 8)
The First Step to Recovery
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 57:18-19; Romans 7:15-17

I hope today's message in the series I begin today, a brand new series on "The Pathway To Recovery" has much to say about the Christian life, growing in the Christian life and developing in the Christian life. The two passages of Scripture that deal with our situation, our need for recovery and also God's offer to help us recover from any blow of life, from any addiction, from any problem that we have are in Isaiah chapter 57.

If you have been wounded God wants you to recover. He wants to heal you. And then if you are lost and need direction, God wants to lead you. And if you have seen that I have the power to make the changes in your life that you want to make, God wants to give you the power to change, He wants to help you. And if you have a great sorrow and it seems you can't recover from grief, from heartbreak, God wants to comfort you. And if your life is filled with confusion and doubt, God wants to give peace to you.

This is the reason we need to find the pathway to recovery. And recovery is a lifelong process not just one trip down an aisle to make a decision.

A little boy on Sunday afternoon was bored. His dad was trying to get a nap and the boy kept coming to his dad and bothering him. And waking him up just about the time he would drift off into dreamland. And so finally his dad thought I have to get him busy doing something or he is never going to let me take a nap. So he took a newspaper that had a picture of a globe of the world and the dad tore the picture up in several different pieces and he said now son come here. This is a puzzle. Now don't bother me until you have put this puzzle together. He was just confident that he was going to get at least an hour nap out of this. And so about fifteen minutes later, he was really cutting the "zzz's". The little boy comes in and says dad, dad, wake up. What is it son? H ...

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