by Stan Coffey

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The Pathway to Recovery (8 of 8)
Seeing The Positive In My Problems
Stan Coffey
2 Corinthians 1:8-10

We come today to share with you the last message in a series on "The Pathway To Recovery." You many need today spiritual recovery. There are many times that we go backward in the Christian life, we are not going forward and you find yourself in that situation where you need a fresh touch from the Lord spiritually. Or you may need emotional recovery. It may be that stress and pressure and events and circumstances in your life have crushed you and broken you down. God says you can recover from that. You may need physical recovery. The Bible says Jesus is the great physician. And it may be that your health is broken and you need recovery physically. Jesus Christ wants to give, to all of us, that opportunity to recover, to stand again and be strong again. Now in II Corinthians 1:8 we read about the apostle Paul's problems.

Can you relate to "under great pressure" so much that he couldn't endure it? Now, if Paul lived today there would be those television evangelists and others who would tell him that he is out of the will of God because he was suffering. And they say you can't suffer if you are in the will of God. God doesn't want you to suffer so He will spare you all of that if you just have enough faith. Well, I believe the apostle Paul is the greatest man of faith outside of the Lord Jesus that ever lived. And here we read that he despaired even of life. So if you have ever been to the point that you are so discouraged, you despaired even of life, don't think you are unspiritual and that you are not a Christian or that it is a sign that you are weak, it is a sign that you are human.

And Paul doesn't leave us with a note of discouragement; he leaves us with a note of victory. He said God had a purpose in my pain. God had a procedure through which He led me and He did it to show me His mighty hand of deliverance.

And today we wan ...

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