by Dennis Marquardt

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The 12 Disciples Series (11 of 12)
John – The Passionate
Dennis Marquardt
Luke 9:46-56; John 19:25-27; I John 4:19-21

INTRO: Neither the church nor the Christian can survive without passion! It is passion that fuels everything in society, why do you think products are sold promising moving experiences if only you buy or use their products?

i.e. "There ain't no power like mountain dew ... just dew it!" – The commercial shows all kinds of dangerous and exciting things for a thrill and then connects it to drinking mountain dew, the idea being that drinking Mountain Dew is not just drinking a soft drink, it is a passionate experience!

“Princess Cruise Lines” – we all know it as the "Love Boat" – thus a cruise guarantees romance and intrigue!

Cars are sold connected to such things are bathing beauties, dangerous mountain climbing, treks through the wilderness where only beasts go, etc.

Certain beers used to promise you a pool in the middle of the desert with all kinds of beautiful girls and partiers that would magically show up to share the moment with you!

One of ATT commercials a couple years ago promised their lines will be so clear and cheap that family members at odds with one another would call each other and reconcile – talk about passion!

All humans are passionate, we don't first become passionate when we get saved, but we must exchange our passions – the wrong ones for the right ones!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us that we must submit ourselves to God for developing the right passions or our lives can experience anything from emptiness to damage. Christians must guard against passions that hurt themselves and the body of Christ ... or others.


A. Arrogance Lk. 9:46-50
1. The disciples in these early days of ministry find themselves "REASONING" (KJV) as to which of them would be greatest!
a. The word "argument" is literally "reasoning" ... thus meaning more than just ...

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