by Dennis Marquardt

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Thomas - The Pessimist (7 of 12)
Series: The 12 Disciples
Dennis Marquardt
John 11:11-16; 14:1-6; 20:24-29

INTRO: The story is told about two boys, one was an optimist and the other was a pessimist. The two boys were taken to two rooms and left there for a little while. The pessimist was taken to a room that was filled with wonderful new toys. The optimist was taken to a room that contained only a few items, a shovel for hay, a pile of horse manure, and a hay bail. After some time the men went back to see how the boys were doing. To their surprise they found the pessimist in the room with all the toys just sitting in the corner, he hadn't even touched a toy! When asked why the boy said, ''I just knew if I played with a toy it would break so I didn't touch anything!'' Curious now about the other boy they went to his room and to their surprise when they opened the door they found a huge hole with dirt being pitched out at a frenzied rate! They looked down into the hole and the boy was using the pitch fork to dig a hole; they asked him why he was doing this and this was his reply, ''I saw the manure and the hay in here so I figured somewhere in here there has got to be a horse!''

The way we look at things often affects greatly our responses in life and our attitudes. In many ways it affects the quality of our life and whether we are stifled or growing. Thomas was the group pessimist ... but Jesus loved him and helped him to grow beyond his negative perspective.

PROP SENT: The Bible teaches us that God loves us as we are, even when we tend to have a pessimistic heart. He will work in our lives to develop us into more positive saints!

I. NEGATIVE and COMMITTED! Jn. 11:11-16

A. Perceptions 11:11-15
1. Jesus had deliberately withheld going to Bethany to see Mary and Martha as Lazarus His friend was dying!
a. The disciples probably perceived this as a sign that Lazarus must not be all that sick or Jesus would have certainly rushed to his side!
b. The ...

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