by Stan Coffey

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How to Be Saved, Know It, and Enjoy It (1 of 6)
Biblical Salvation
Stan Coffey
Acts 2:36-41

Today I want you to take God's word and please turn to Acts chapter 2. In Acts chapter 2 we have the record of the Day of Pentecost. How would you like to be in a service where three thousand souls were saved? Praise God, amen! I believe that is a number God has put in His word for a purpose and for a reason, showing the mighty power of the Lord. And I would love to be in that kind of a service. And that is what happened on the Day of Pentecost. And it happened after they had witnessed, they had shared in the power of the Holy Spirit. People had fallen under conviction and the gospel had been clearly presented. Now in verse 36, Simon Peter comes to the end of his message and it sums up his entire message.

Just a few moments ago in my study I counseled with a young couple that plan to be married. I asked the young man, as I always do when someone comes to me and they are going to get married, I asked both of them to give me their testimony about their experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. And the young lady talked about her experience about being saved in a Baptist church and coming to know the Lord and how wonderful it was to have Christ in her heart. Then she said after that, my parents got a divorce and because of the divorce it seemed that nobody really cared. My parents really lost interest in whether or not I was in church. And so she said, I dropped out and I didn't grow and I haven't been growing, but I have been coming to San Jacinto and God is working in my life again. The young man said that he had never received Christ as his Savior. He said that he had never been saved and I asked him if anybody had ever shown you how to receive Christ, how to invite Jesus into your heart. And he said, no sir they never have. I said would you allow me to share with you how Jesus can come into your life? Because, I said, if you are g ...

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