by David Cawston

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Where are you on your Spiritual Journey? (7 of 7)
Making an Impact, Being an Influence
David Cawston
Acts 16:13-15

1. "Walking in Resistance"
2. "Questioning and Seeking"
3. "Assertively Responding"
4. "Embracing by Commitment"
5. "Actively Following
6. "Growing in Fellowship"
7. "Making an impact"

You are somewhere at some point on this spiritual journey of life. We are all on a spiritual journey. No man alive is not on some kind of spiritual journey! And no man is an island!

After coming to Christ and maturing the most natural final step is to reproduce by influencing other for Christ. The most natural thing in life is growing and maturing, marrying and having children.

Jesus first command was to be baptized and become a disciple! His second command was to go into all the world and share the gospel!

That sharing in not preaching, but rather witnessing! Being a witness is just to tell what Christ has done for you and to let people know that the same can happen to them.

Learn from Jesus himself! He didn't preach he ministered to the needs of people, got their attention and then taught them about the kingdom of God.

It is easy to share Christ when there is so much need around. Meet the need and then share.

We have a saying around here. "People don't care how much you know, till they know how much you care."

Being an influence is what Christ wanted. To be an influence you have to earn the right! Influence is not an elected position it is an earned position! Are you earning the right to be an influence so you can make a difference!

Illus. Many years ago when I pastored in Washington State I learned the lesson of being an influence. I was rebuilding the church after a fire. I needed a two foot height variance and the city planning commission was giving me all kinds of grief. I fought tenaciously for 3 months for that height variance and finally got it on a very narrow margin vote.
The Lord spoke to me ...

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