by David Cawston

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Where are you on your Spiritual Journey? (2 of 7)
Questioning and Seeking
David Cawston
Matthew 7:13-14

1. "Walking in Resistance"
2. "Questioning and Seeking"
3. "Assertively Responding"
4. "Embracing by Commitment"
5. "Adjusting by Learning"
6. "Stabilizing by Growing"
7. "Impacting by Influencing"

There are many people on this journey of life that are questioning and seeking but only curiously!
While serving as a church usher, I was carrying out our tradition of escorting parishioners to their seats before the service began. After I returned to the entrance of the sanctuary to escort the next party, I greeted two strangers and asked where they would like to sit. Looking confused, the young man smiled and said, "Nonsmoking, please."
Some are only a small degree from resistance!

There is a peaked interest but there are many things that still remain unresolved!
They are open to spirituality.
They have misconceptions about Christianity!
They realize that there is more to life than what they have experienced.
They attend Christian events out of curiosity, not out of need.
They struggle with a negative image of Christianity!
A Texan traveled to England on vacation. While there, he attended a religious service and was amazed at how quiet and reserved it was. Not one word was spoken out of turn. All of a sudden he heard the minister say something he really liked. “Amen!” he shouted. Everyone in the church turned and stared, and the usher came running down the aisle. “You must not talk out loud,” admonished the usher. “But,” protested the Texan, “I’ve got religion!” “Well,” said the usher, “you did not get it here.”

Many believe that all religions lead to the same God!
Someone said that the mind is a marvelous instrument. Unfortunately, it did not come with instructions. We could say the same for life. All of life. And the more we miss the key to living a full life, the more people invent guide books that tell us ho ...

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