by David Cawston

A Love Story
David Cawston
Ruth 1:1; Judges 17:6

A story is told that while Benjamin Franklin was in Europe he met with several of his peer a sort of "meeting of the minds". They came together to review several pieces of literature. Mr. Franklin chose to read a passage that evoked a curious response from the group. "This story must be published" the group chorused. "What is it's title?" This is really only part of a story, Mr. Franklin replied, "from a book that you have often ridiculed!" The group protested and insisted that they would not have rejected a story of such impact. "In fact," Mr. Franklin continued, "the story that so moved you all is the Book of Ruth--From the Bible."

This was a period of time in which the book of Judges says

It was a day of great sin.

Remember the Lord had told the Israelites to rid the promised land of these Canaanites or
they would destroy them. The Canaanites had led the Children of Israel away from God and into deep sin.

God had warned the Hebrews that the Canaanites would be all around them. "They will be there, you'll see. I'm leaving them there for one reason: a test! And when you arrive, you'll have to drive them out. If you don't, they're going to take over. Those though-minded people are in the conquering business. They have many gods, and none of them will lead you to the true God of heaven. On the contrary, they will try to draw you into their lifestyle.

These were desperate days, days of disobedience, days of lawless apostasy and days when men did not take God into their thoughts.

Yet even in Evil times there is always a remnant that serves the Lord.

Ruth 1:2

Because of the lack of a foundation and trust in the Lord Elimelech, Naomi's husband took things in his own hands to save his family.
He did not trust the Lord to preserve Him during this time of hardship.
There was a famine in the Land as was stated in the first verse.

He was well to do but he be ...

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