by David Cawston

Understanding of Power Applied
David Cawston
I John 4:4

We are never the creators but rather stewards. Man has never created anything but rather only organized in different order the things that God has created. Whatever we have made has only come from that which was already created. Even your children were not created by you but only conceived by you and loaned to you. God is the origin of all original creation. Paul the Apostle understood this principal when he spoke to the Athenians in Acts 17:28 and said "For in Him we live and have our being...For we are also His offspring."

Even though we are not creators we are stewards. We are given the responsibility to tend to that which God has created. With that stewardship comes choices and decisions.

Our original origins of life came from God and our relationship was with Him. But it was discarded in the Garden by disobedience and our control was forfeited to the devil. Losing touch with God brought us into control of the devil and his ways. We became his servants under his influence and control.

The beauty of new birth is that we have been given the chance to come back to our origins and purpose.

Instead of being of the devil and a victim of his ways our promise underscores our renewed connection. "You are of God little children..."

I. A New Basis of living!

Our true source has been reconnected. Being of God means that we are no longer under the control of the devil nor do we need to walk in the old habits that we learned from him. We are now of God and need to learn how to live in His ways and under His guidance. Our promise goes on to declare to us that we can overcome the old ways and identify his representatives and tactics. It declares that we have "ov ...

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