by Richard Laue

How to Win the World for Christ
Richard Laue
Ephesians 4:14-16


1. Area: 143 million sq. km. (including Antarctica).

2. Population: 4,019 million in 1976. It was about 1,590 million in 1900, and will be 6,214 million in 2000 A.D. if the present 1.8% annual rate of increase continues. Yet is seems as if the population growth rate is slowing. Average number of people per sq. km. - 30. Every year there are 121 million born.

3. Peoples: There are about 223 states and territories in the world, and about 5,770 different languages spoken.

4. Urbanization: 23% - 163 cities of over one million inhabitations in which live 9% of the world's population. The urban population is growing rapidly and is strategic for the spread of the Gospel. Proportionately, too little evangelical missionary work has been directed to the cities in the past.

5. Economy: The most rapid rate of population growth is in the poor and hungry "Third World" of Asia, Africa and South America. The future there is generally bleak, with large scale famines imminent in some areas. The richer nations become richer and the poorer ones more poor. The world economy still continues to reel under the devastating impact of the Oil Crisis with its fourfold increase in the price of crude oil in 1974 and massive redistribution of the world's wealth. The economic future is not bright.

6. Politics: Post-war nationalisms have helped to break up old empires and nations. The spread of two brands of Communism that differ only in methods for world subversion and conquest have conversely speeded the formation of vast new political power blocs. The widespread and indiscriminate distribution of terrifying weapons of war have greatly increased the number of violent conflicts and local wars. The world is "shrinking" through satellite television, air travel, rising literacy and the intercontinental migrations of peoples. An event in one part of the world can quickly affect every continent. We trul ...

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