by Dennis Marquardt

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The 5 Excuses of Moses (3 of 5)
What if They Don't Believe Me?
Dennis Marquardt
Exodus 4:1-9

INTRO: No one likes rejection, and because of this we often fail to try and do things. There are times in life when we have missed out on rich experiences because we were too afraid that others would not listen or follow us, or that we would just plain fail. Our fear of being rejected may have not only kept us from experiencing something good but may have kept others from having a great experience also.

This is the biggest fear of Christians when it comes to witnessing about Jesus Christ and salvation, we are so afraid that we won't be believed or listened to so we don't even try and tell others. We are even afraid that if we are listened to we will still be rejected, so we do nothing or say nothing either way!

It is true that if we witness there will be those who will not believe us, and some will reject us, but there will also be some who will listen and believe!


An engineer by the name of Gary and his family were staying in some canyons in a mountain George area. Close by they had friends who were staying in some cabins as well. Nearby was a hotel. A huge storm had come up and the rains had fallen quite heavy and quick. Being an engineer, he had some idea of how well the quickly rising river could suddenly make a catastrophe out of the whole area. When he could tell thinks were not improving he judged that there was only about 30 minutes before the river would break loose and come down the gorge taking the hotel and the cabins with them. He instructed his wife and children to head for high ground while he went to the other cabins and warn his friends and the hotel guests and owner. As his wife reached higher ground she watched as the river rose and sure enough about 30 minutes from the time they had left it swept down suddenly through the gorge. She watched the hotel float away; cars were bobbing in the water, even a Greyhound bus. Their ca ...

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