by Stan Coffey

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Look and Live (12 of 12)
Five Seconds After Death
Stan Coffey
Revelation 14:6-13

If you have your Bibles, I want to invite you to turn to Revelation 14:6 as we continue a series of messages on Bible prophecy and on end times. This morning the message is "Five Seconds After Death." Where will you be five seconds after death? I want to deal this morning with eternal destiny.

Now as you see how this scripture is presented you are reminded of the ancient practice of the Greeks in their theatre, in their drama. They could not, of course, have their different scenes for every thing they wanted to betray and so they would have angels or messengers who would come upon the stage during a drama and announce what was going to take place next or what had taken place. The angels of God are seen here, coming upon the stage of the drama of the tribulation time. And they begin to announce the things that are going to transpire, the things that are going to take place.


The first angel comes and I want you to see that he gives a word of worship. So first of all, notice this word of worship. The angel, the Bible says, flies in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel. And he says, worship God and give glory to Him, fear God. The message to people during the tribulation time is that they must worship God; they must not fall for the Antichrist. They must not take the mark of the beast, but they must recognize that God is on the throne. That God is sovereign and God alone is deserving of worship, amen? No other person, no other thing and certainly not the Antichrist are worthy of worship that belongs to God and belongs to Him alone. And so here is an admonition to worship.

Now notice here there is a change in the methodology because it is an angel, the Bible says, who is preaching the everlasting gospel. In this dispensation we call the Age of Grace, the Church Age, angels do not preach. Angles make announcements, ang ...

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