by Stan Coffey

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Eight People Who Won't Go To Heaven
Stan Coffey
Revelation 21:8

If you have your Bible, I invite you to open God's word to the book of Revelation chapter 21. I announced that I am going to speak today on eight people in this community who will not be in heaven. These eight people are given to us in Revelation 21:8. And we will read this verse in just a moment.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God taught more about hell than he did about heaven. The question is always raised, should a modern day preacher preach on hell? As long as it is in the Bible, we better preach on it, amen? We don't like to think about hell, we don't like to think about cancer, but it kills. We don't like to think about heart disease, but it is a reality. We don't like to think about death, but all of us have lost loved ones in death. And hell is a reality. Jesus Christ taught on hell some 53 times. He preached on hell in His first sermon and he preached on hell in His last sermon. He preached on hell more than any other preacher in the Bible. Jesus said hell was a place of everlasting torment. He said it is a place of separation from God. He said it is a place where people have no rest, day or night but they are tormented. He said it is a place of memory where people remember their lives; they remember the opportunities they had to be saved. He said it is a place of outer darkness. He said it is a place of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. But one of the most horrible things about hell will be the inhabitants of hell, the people who are in hell.

You know we have in this community, a maximum security prison, in that prison are all kinds of people that you would not want to build a home next to. There are all kinds of people in that prison that have committed such acts that you would be frightened beyond any description if you knew you had to spend one single night in that prison with them.

I remember when I was in Albuquer ...

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