by Stan Coffey

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The Faith That Cannot Save
Stan Coffey
James 2:14-24

Today if you have your Bible I want us to turn to God's word for a brief message from James2:14. Today, I want to talk about "The Faith That Cannot Save." You have heard about saving faith, but James talks about a kind of faith that people have that is not a saving faith. In fact it is a faith that cannot save, that does not save. I believe that many people in the church have this kind of faith. Last time we looked at that passage in Matthew 7 where Jesus said many would come professing faith in Him, saying Lord, Lord, we have done all of these things in Your name and He will say depart from Me, I never knew you.

Now I want to tell you right off the bat today, that the emphasis here is on a man who says he has faith. It doesn't mean he really has it, but he says that he has faith. And the last part of verse 14, can faith save him, literally can be translated can that kind of faith save him. The emphasis today is not on will a man have faith, but what kind of faith will a man have.

You remember the words of the apostle Paul do you not, in Romans chapter 4 when he said we are justified by faith? He said that Abraham was justified by faith alone apart from any works. Well, here comes Pastor James and he seems to be saying something that is contrary to what Pastor Paul said. Pastor Paul said we are justified by faith. But I read here from Pastor James that we are justified by works. And without works we cannot be justified. And yet Paul said in Romans 4 that Abraham was justified by faith apart from any works whatsoever.

And so we have a problem today. Some people believe there is a contradiction with what Pastor James preached and what Pastor Paul preached. But there is no contradiction. They are giving us the different sides of the same coin. Abraham was talking about being justified in the sight of God, but James was talking about being justified in th ...

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