by Stan Coffey

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Most Of The Church Will Go Through The Tribulation
Stan Coffey
Matthew 7:13-14; 21-23

Aren't you glad you came today, amen? God has something special in store for us. I want you to take your bible and turn to Matthew chapter 7. And I am going to preach today on the subject, "Most Of The Church Will Go Through The Tribulation." In Matthew chapter 7 Jesus is preaching in the Sermon on the Mount. And he comes in verse 13 to speak about being sure that you have come the way of God, being sure that you have done what the scripture requires to be a child of God and have eternal life. It is as though Jesus is saying make sure you have entered in.

The reason Jesus said enter ye in at the straight gate, he is speaking to disciples, he is speaking to a crowd of people who are religious. And He says make sure you have come the right way, because the gate is narrow, the way is narrow. And He said few there be that find it. And I want you to kept the words few and many in mind or you will miss the point of the message that most of the church will go through the tribulation.

Who does the statement Lord, Lord describe? It describes church members. It describes people who have made professions of faith; it describes people who claim to be Christians. Jesus said not every one of them who say Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.

Why do I say that most of the church will go through the tribulation? When I say church I am talking about Christendom as a whole. I am not talking about born again believers. I am talking about all those who professed Christ, all those who claim to be Christians, all those who belong to somebody's church. You know even in the Southern Baptist life, just consider we have some 14 million Southern Baptists and yet we cannot find at least 60% of them. Only about 40% of them are active in any kind of way in their church.

And then I want you to think about other faiths, other denominations. I b ...

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