by Jesse Hendley

The Greatness of God
Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 52:10

The Greatness of God! We need this subject today. We need it because we are living in days when sin is overflowing and rebellion AGAINST GOD is growing higher and hatred is abounding in the world. We are face to face with atomic war. It may break loose at any moment. A panel of authorities made the statement the other night that they believe a great war will come out of the war in Viet Nam. Yonder in Palestine there is conflict and we had better watch the Near East. That is where the final conflict at the end of the age will take place. The U. N. authorities have made the declaration that nothing but WAR can happen between the Arabs and the Jews. They are pulling in those who will side with them, as the Word of God tells us.

We are living in a time of desperate darkness. Physically, the nations are at each other's throats. At any moment war may erupt. Mentally, sin is abounding on every hand. Everywhere you look the minds of men are being attacked by satanic forces of sin and unrighteousness. Spiritually, the churches are in declension and today sin is abounding, the love of the many is waxing cold, the church is losing its testimony in the world as a whole. Here and there, there are groups of believers who are faithful to Christ and faithful to the Word of God. But largely we are heading now into the time of the time of the windup without a shadow of doubt. And God's people need to see again THE GREATNESS OF THE GOD OF HEAVEN! We need it to hold us steady in this particular time.

God Almighty is STILL GOD, and though man may rage and the nations rage and rebel against Him, GOD'S PLAN will move right on inevitably. There is an old saying, "The mill of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceeding fine." I say to you, I would change the plural to the singular. "The mill of GOD grinds slowly but it moves right on." God is moving on! And He is moving on to the Consummation when every wickedness shall be ...

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