by Jesse Hendley

The Forgiveness of Sins and the Unpardonable Sin
Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 1:6

It is a solemn thing to go out into eternity and meet God. We need preparation for meeting God.

I was talking with a friend the other day who had a very close call. He said, "The first day I was afraid. But God gave me the victory." A Christian can face death or anything with real victory, because he knows the Lord.

But for a person to die with sins unforgiven is terrible beyond words, to die without the forgiveness of our sins, to go and meet God with sins on our conscience and mind and soul and heart. God's Word says that it is SIN that makes people afraid to face death, but if we know that our SINS have been cancelled out, the fear is removed. That is what God did for us. He destroyed completely, at the Cross, any reason why anybody should ever be afraid of death. The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins. He paid for them.

The forgiveness of sins is a wonderful thing! If I could sit down with you today and talk with you about this matter of salvation, eternal life, heaven, and ask you this question, "Are you forgiven?" what would you answer me? ARE you forgiven.? HAS God forgiven you your sins?

A holy God cannot receive unholy people into His Presence. A God Who hates sin cannot put up with sin, and you and I are SINNERS. All of us have come short of the glory of God.

I heard a young man give his testimony the other night. He said, "I hadn't committed some of the great sins that others have committed. but I knew I was lost. I knew I was a sinner and needed Jesus." His life had been sheltered, and he had not committed many sins that many people commit. But this young man was not saying he was sinless. He KNEW he was a sinner. There are differences in the number of sins people commit. There are differences in the kinds of sins people commit. But God's Word is emphatic in saying that ALL of us have sinned and have come short of the glory of God, and that He is a HOL ...

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