by Jesse Hendley

The Finality of the Doom of the Impenitent
Jesse M. Hendley
Amos 4

If you have your Bible, turn with me, please, to the Book of Amos, and we want to see what God's Word has to say about the present hour, and about the sins in the society of mankind, and the fact that there is inevitable judgment upon sin, and the finality of the doom of the impenitent among the people of God. So often men look at sins only through their own eyes and the eyes of mankind. A man picks up a newspaper and reads and thinks that whatever is going on is all right. He reads magazines or other things. He thinks he can meet God with that. But it will not work.

In Amos, chapter 4, there is a famous text. You may have heard it many times. I have used it, too, as doubtless nearly every servant of God does. It is verse 12. "Prepare to meet thy God." I am afraid that many times people do not know the context and exactly what God means by this.

God is Holy

I remind you that according to God's Word He is A HOLY GOD, as intensely Holy God. People need to realize this, in this hour in which we live. Verse 2. "The Lord God hath sworn by His HOLINESS." The thing He has sworn to do is to bring judgment, inevitable judgment upon Israel, His own people, because of their SINS. God is a HOLY GOD, my friends. God cannot put up with sin.

There is the difference between heathenism and Christianity. There is the difference between false religion and true. False religion will allow you your sins. Christianity will not. In Christianity we have God thundering out against sin, but in false religions men can get by with their sins and their god will not judge them. The God of the Bible, the God of Christianity, the True and the Living God, IS HOLY. He is at war, eternally, with sin. "God bath sworn by His HOLINESS."

God says in this passage, "Because you would not repent after I sent you judgment after judgment, but turned away from Me, didn't want Me, walked on in your sins and unbelief, theref ...

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