by Jesse Hendley

The Enjoyment of the Fullness of the Christian Life
Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 2

How many bibles are here tonight? Raise them up, a bible or new testament, turn with me to the book of Acts chapter 2 and I want you to read with me, I'll take it slowly enough for you to be able to follow me. I want to lay a groundwork for what I want to say tonight. This morning we dealt with Jesus' words in which He said to us, that we are to repent and believe the good news. That's the way of salvation, when we do repent, turn away from ourselves and our selfish ways, turn to God, and seek His face with all of our heart and believe the good news, that Jesus Christ settled it all on the cross. God said, Jesus said it, then instantly the new birth comes. One of the wonderful things about it friends that many of us do not understand is, the enjoyment of the fullness of the Christian life. That's what God wants us to have. The enjoyment of the fullness of the Christian life.

In the Christian Index, there was placed on my desk this last week an article that brother Smeigh had noticed and he had written and underscored it in which the editor of the Index called attention to the fact that many people today are saying, we want to know about an experience with God, we're tired of the same old 7 and 6 we want to know if there isn't something better. We want the scriptures, we want exposition of the bible and we want to know what an experience with God really brings. We want something that really works and that's what people really want today. My beloved friends, God intends that the Christian life shall be lived today, and does work when we yield to God's holy spirit. And God has given to us this full life in the truth of the fullness of the Holy Spirit of God. We've got to realize that as we study the bible.

Let me turn now to Acts the second chapter, follow me as we read Acts. 2:2. First of all, Acts 2 and verse 2 , I hope you will follow as I read, "And suddenly the ...

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