by Jesse Hendley

The End of the World
Jesse M. Hendley
Jude 21

There is a great passage in the Book of Jude verse 21, that says, keep yourselves in the love God. That is a great statement. Keep yourselves in the love of God. I have in my bag three letters from ladies who say that they have doubts about their personal salvation. One of them a lady who has journeyed on down the road a little farther than most of us in this room has at the wind-up of her life there is a dark shadow over her heart, doubting about her salvation.

I can't imagine anything worse than that. Do you know the answer to it beloved is found in those words, keep yourselves in the love of God. That doesn't mean keep God loving you because He can't help that, He does. But it means keeping joy in God's love. Keep yourself in the knowledge of it. You can lose the knowledge of it.

One time a fellow said to his preacher, preacher I'm afraid that I have lost my love for God. The preacher said, don't worry about that, the only thing that really counts is that God will not lose His love for you. Amen! How about that? God doesn't lose His love for you. That's the thing, He doesn't.

Beloved listen, I have a sermon cooking on this one. I can't help but tell you before it gets ripe, whenever you have doubts, you are doubting one thing, if you get rid of your doubts about one thing you will never doubt anything else. Get rid of your doubts about God's love for you. When anybody trusts Jesus, when their heart reaches out for Jesus, if they are really honest. It has to be honest now, that's just the point, but if we really love the Lord Jesus, if our hearts go out to Him. If we want Him, desire Him and we reach out by faith for Jesus, there is one thing dead sure, God's love is already there. You don't make God love you, it is there. But if we believe God's love to me, then there won't be any doubt about my salvation.

The other day my little grandson was sitting on the floor and when hi ...

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