by Jesse Hendley

The Christian's Inheritance
Jesse M. Hendley
First Peter 1:4

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to I Peter 1:4 and today we are taking up the beautiful study of "The Christian's Inheritance," the Christian's possession in heaven and of heaven already. That heaven is already ours by the grace of God. Now remember in the Epistle of Peter, we have the sufferings of the believer. He is writing to Christians who are being persecuted and suffering tremendously and what does he hold out for them for their comfort and strength under their sufferings? The inheritance that awaits them over there in the glory world.

In verse four, He tells us now that God has begotten us again unto a living hope, "To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you." There are six things that are said about the inheritance here, first of all, its duration. We have that in the word incorruptible. Then we have its purity in the word, undefiled. Next, we have beauty in the next words, that it fadeth not away. Isn't that wonderful? Then we have its location. It is now our inheritance in heaven, right now. Then we have its certainty, it is reserved for us, and that word for reserved means kept. We will go into the details as we go into the message. Finally, its possessors. Who are these blessed people who have already an inheritance being kept for them in heaven by the Lord? Unto you, for you, and he has addressed these people who have been scattered all over this particular area but they are God's elect; they have already been sanctified by the Spirit of God; they obey the Lord and they are under the covenant of the sprinkling of the blood of Jesus. People who have trusted the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ these are the ones who are the possessors of this blessed inheritance.

Alright now, over against sufferings then when we go through trials in this present world, God directs us to what is waiting fo ...

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