by Jesse Hendley

The Christian -- Stranger and Alien
Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 69:8

Being a Christian, being a Soul-winner, isn't an easy business. In Psalm 69:8 we read, "I am become a STRANGER unto my brethren and an ALIEN unto my mother's children."

There are people today who are trying to make the Gospel easy and light and palatable, a very sweet morsel. It isn't always that. It is, to the person who is saved; the sweetness of God comes! But the unsaved man is in the dark. He is blind. He is dead spiritually. It takes agony many times to win loved ones and friends to Christ. A lot of people witness one time and think they have done what they ought to do about a soul being saved. It may take years for God Almighty to get through to a human being what it really means to be saved. God is working in these human beings all the time, and He uses us.

Now this isn't easy. It would be a very easy thing to go along with the world. But God isn't going with this world! There is a separation, a difference, between Light and darkness. There is a difference between a Christian and a non-Christian. There is a difference between heaven and hell. There is a difference between Christ and the devil.

We are living in a time when people are trying to MERGE these things. People are saying, "The way to win souls is to 'go along' with people where they are in their sins," instead of living the Christian life and telling the truth of God's WORD.

Now, we are around people who are unsaved, but we cannot share in the least with people's sins. "I am become a STRANGER to my brethren, an ALIEN to my mother's children." That is what the Psalmist said years ago. He did it because of God! "The zeal of Thine House hath eaten Me up." "Zeal for God and His Cause has consumed me."

Who said that? Jesus Christ, preeminently. But it was true of the Psalmist first. The Psalmist lived for God and became a stranger to his brethren who didn't love God. He was an alien to his mother's children. In his own ...

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