by Jesse Hendley

The Christ -- Life in You
Jesse M. Hendley
Philippians 1:21

We are thinking about the tremendous fact of THE CHRIST-LIFE lived in this world in and through believers who really see that they CAN HAVE the Christ-life and that Jesus will reproduce His Life through them, through the surrender of our lives unto HIM.

"To me to live is CHRIST."

Many interpreters say, "'To me to live is Christ' means 'All I WANT in life is CHRIST.' That is the chief and supreme thing in life."

But it means beyond that: it means TO LIVE CHRIST'S LIFE ALL OVER AGAIN!

We have a parallel passage in Galatians: "Christ liveth in me."

And another great statement in Paul's letter to the Corinthians: "We are always delivered over to death in order that the Life of Jesus may be manifest in our mortal bodies."

There are THREE STATEMENTS in the Word of God, very clearly expressed, where Paul said that the secret of that amazing life of his was that JESUS CHRIST actually REPRODUCED HIS LIFE in him! Wherever Paul lived, CHRIST was living. Wherever Paul walked, CHRIST was walking. Wherever Paul sat, CHRIST was sitting. Wherever Paul was in conversation with people, CHRIST was in conversation with people. This man so got himself out of the way, so died to himself and his own desires, so SURRENDERED utterly to Jesus, that Jesus could live in him.

I am afraid we have used the world "surrender" so loosely that it does not carry the true meaning. SURRENDER means TOTAL GIVING UP. It is, not trying to do it yourself. It is totally giving yourself to somebody else. That is exactly what it was with Paul. He GAVE HIMSELF to the Lord Jesus Christ!

We found the secret of Paul's life was victory over SELF. Paul's desire was to go and be with Jesus but because of the needs of people here in this present world he stayed. He knew the Lord would have him stay and abide in the flesh. People are looking for happiness today, and I want to remind you that there can be no happiness as long as ...

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