by Jesse Hendley

The Book of Amos
Jesse M. Hendley

THE BOOK OF AMOS is a very wonderful book! Amos is a man who reminds us what God is really like. We are living in days when people need to know what God is really like. Amos was one of the great prophets of God and he, together with Hosea, prophesied about the same time. They were contemporaneous. The one speaks of the love of God; the other speaks of the righteousness of God. These two men reveal to us these two tremendous facts about God. God is love, but God is also righteous and holy. Usually our mistakes come from emphasizing one or the other of these two facts about God. But they must be in balance. They must be in balance in our lives. They must be in balance nationally.

In this Book of Amos there are FIVE TREMENDOUS TRUTHS that he rings out about man's relationship to God, and they are so important today.

The first thing we learn is that GOD is the Absolute Ruler of the entire universe. He is ruling today over nations and men. He is absolutely sovereign. Again and again we read in this book, ''Thus saith the LORD.'' ''Thus saith JEHOVAH.''

In chapter 1, verse 2, he says, ''The Lord will ROAR from Zion and utter His voice from Jerusalem.'' The word ''roar'' has to do with a lion roaring, roaring in his terror. Not a lion at peace, not a lion at rest, not a lion sleeping, but a lion in attack! A roaring lion!

A friend of mine went on a safari through Africa and he was showing us some of his pictures. There was the picture of a stalking lion. It wasn't roaring while it was stalking its prey. But then that roar comes just at the moment when he begins to make the jump, as he begins the attack. The ROAR of the lion! And THE ROAR of GOD! Beloved friends, God Almighty will roar. He will come in judgment. He will come against sin and unrighteousness and wrong. As we journey through this book God THUNDERS OUT against the other nations, and then thunders out against Israel. He thunders out against nations, and ...

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