by Stan Coffey

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The Passion of the Christ (7 of 7)
Into Thy Hands: The Safest Word
Stan Coffey
Luke 23:46

Today I have come to the last in the series of messages on the Passion of the Christ. The word passion means suffering, which is one of the meanings of the word. This movie has stirred so much controversy; it is all the media has talked about for several weeks. Many thought that it would be a flop because it was a religious movie. The liberal crowd and Hollywood had so many criticisms of the movie and they said it is anti-Semitic. Many of them said it is not based on actual fact, some of them said that Mel Gibson was trying just to enrich himself. Andy Rooney even called Mel Gibson, in a personal attack, a wacko. There have been all kinds of attacks on the movie. I thought one of the most incredible things that Hollywood said about this movie was that it was too gory and too violent. I can hear from your response that you understand, seeing some of the movies Hollywood puts out today. The blood and the gore you see in Hollywood today, all the things that are blown up and all the people that are blown up, all the body parts that are blown up are so much more than what you see in this movie that it is incredible. But this movie is about Jesus suffering for us on the cross. When you see the hand in this movie, the actual hand with the nail in it, that is the hand of Mel Gibson, the director. Mel Gibson was telling us that he realized the reason that Jesus suffered was for him, that Jesus was taking his place on the cross. And I want to tell you, Jesus took your place and He took my place. Take your bible and turn to Luke 23:46 as we come to the seventh and final saying of Jesus on the cross. We looked at six things Jesus said on the cross and today we come to the seventh.

Luke 23:46 "And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend My spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost."

It is an unusual thing when so ...

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