by Rick Ferguson

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A Wake up Call from God (40 of 42)
Series: A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans
Rick Ferguson
Romans 13:8-14

Introduction: Paul Revere . . .

Go back in your minds to the early, colonial days of our nation.
- The date--April 18th, 1775
- The place--Boston, Massachusetts

The British had brought their troops into Old Boston. They planned an attack on the colonies. Their secret strategy was to cross the Charles River by night in small boats, and stage a surprise attack on the towns of Concord and Lexington.

Everyone was asleep, but one man was awake, and he discovered their plan. He mounted his horse and rode through the night to alert the colonist. His actions that night have become legendary as Paul Revere rode through the towns waking the unsuspecting, sleeping colonist with the cry, ''The British are coming! The British are coming!''

His alarm aroused the Minute Men of the colonies, and they assembled to defend their homes against the attack of the British.

That was an important ''Wake Up'' call in American history, wouldn't you agree!

(1) But I am here to tell you, that America needs another ''Wake Up'' call today, in the year 2,000.

- There is a cultural war raging in our society, and the foundations of . . .
- Virtue
- Civility
- Morality
- Faith
- Truth
- Honesty
- Dignity
- Integrity
- The family
- The church
are being bombarded by the enemy.

The conflict is so advanced that some are actually saying it is lost. We might as well surrender, because people of virtue and morality have lost the cultural war.

The Bible says, ''if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?''

(2) The Church needs a Wake Up call . . .
- The church is in a war.
- It is a spiritual battle.
- The enemy is a veteran with much battle experience, he is intelligent, and he is aggressive.

Text: Eph 6:12-13

(3) Individual Christians . . . need a Wake Up call.

- It is hard to imagine th ...

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