by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (37 of 42)
You Matter...You Are a Minister
Rick Ferguson
Romans 12:3-8

Question: Can I just take a brief survey here today? . . . How many full-time ministers do we have in the congregation today? Would you please raise your hand if you are a minister in the congregation today?

Well . . . some of you are already reading this as something of a trick question. The truth is, every born-again person should have raised their hand this morning. Because if you are saved . . . You are called to be a ministry and to have a ministry in the Body of Christ.

You see, we have developed a very un-biblical and debilitating dichotomy in the church today when we distinguish the "Clergy" from the "Laity."

EX. We often think of the "Clergy" as those people who are vocational ministers, and they are paid to do the ministry of the church. While we think of the "Laity" as being the regular people in the church who are to be on the receiving end of the "Clergy's" ministry.

EX. I heard of a Sunday School teacher who asked her class if they knew the difference between the "Clergy" and the "Laity." And one little girl raised her hand to answer the question. She said, "The Clergy are the people who are paid to be good. And the laity are just good for nothing."

Can I tell you that the separation of the Clergy from the Laity is a non-biblical classification that has greatly crippled the church in modern history.

The term clergy does not appear in the Bible. And the concept of Pastors, and Bishops as a separate class of people in the church who perform all the ministry of the church is an un-biblical concept.

The Bible clearly teaches we are all Priests of Christ. And Pastors do not function as human mediators between God and the people. Every Born-again person is a Priest before God, and they have only one mediator . . . The man Christ Jesus.

Text: 1 Pet 2:5
1 Pet 2:9
1 Tim 2:5

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