by Rick Ferguson

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The Trivialization of God (35 of 42)
Rick Ferguson
Romans 11:33-36

Opening . . . Can I tell you one of the things that most frightens me about the current status of Christianity in America today? . . . It is The Trivialization of God!

I fear we have lost our sense of absolute awe and wonder toward God, and have refashioned the True and Living, Transcendent God of the Bible into a god of our own liking who engenders no more reverence or respect than a good golfing buddy . . .

We have created a ''Bubba god.'' He's soft and cuddly . . . but he is pretty impotent, undemanding and inoffensive.

We have made him into a ''user-friendly'' god for the ''seeker-sensitive'' church.

Others are fashioning for themselves a utilitarian god who's primary reason for existing is to be manipulated by our 'faith formulas' and 'flesh-demands' to give us whatever we determine is our right to possess and claim.

He is the god of the prosperity cult.

He is a fully manageable deity. If you think I am over-reacting, just listen to some of the titles from the local Christian bookstore . . .
The Law of Prosperity Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
How To Write Your Own Ticket With God, Kenneth Hagin
You Can Have What You Say, Kenneth Hagin
The Wall Street Gospel, Joe Magliato
How God Taught Me Prosperity, Kenneth Hagin Jr.
God's Plan For Financial Prosperity, Elbert Willis
Living In Divine Prosperity, Jerry Savelle

Neither of these represents the Holy, Almighty, Transcendent God of the Bible. One of these is a god for the ''seeker sensitive'' and the other is the god of the ''lust of the flesh.''

You tell me . . . Am I being unfairly critical of the church today?

Do you also sense that we have lost the awe, wonder and fear of God that we should have . . . and would have, if we really understood Him?

You tell me . . . Where is the fear of God in our lives, our culture . . . or even our churches today?

My fear is . . . We have developed to too high a view ...

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