by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (34 of 42)
The Power of a Divine Promise
Rick Ferguson
Romans 11:1-32


Question . . . Have you ever had someone break a promise they had made to you? . . . It hurts doesn't it?
Question . . . Have you ever broken a promise you had made to someone else? . . .
Question . . . Have you ever wondered if God would really keep His promises to you?
Question . . . Have you ever had an episode of momentary doubt or discouragement and wondered if God would really "live up to His promises" and do what He has said He would do?
Today, I want you to leave here with a renewed confidence and assurance in the integrity of our Great and Glorious God. I am praying that your faith will be refreshed and strengthened in knowing that . . .

• Our God is a covenant making God, and . . .
• Our God is a covenant keeping God.

When God makes a promise . . . You can take it to the bank. He is faithful to his word . . .

EX. Shortly before his death, Joshua said to the people of Israel,

Text: Josh 23:14

EX. David praised and exalted the Lord as . . . "the God of truth." (Ps.31:5)

EX. As Solomon stood before the people to dedicate the first temple he said,
Text: I King 8:56

EX. In Titus 1:2 Paul reminded Titus that it is "impossible for God to lie."

EX. "Promise Keepers" A few years ago, Coach Bill McArtney started a movement that revolutionized the lives of thousands of men. He called the movement "Promise Keepers." He challenged men to be real men and to live up to the promises they have made to God, their families, their churches, and their communities.
Today, I want you to think of the promises of God. The Bible is filled with hundreds of promises and covenants God has given to His people. And I want to assure you that God is the ultimate "Promise Keeper."

In Romans 11, Paul uses the nation of Israel to illustrate the faithfulness of God as the "Ult ...

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