by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (30 of 42)
The Greatest News of All Times
Rick Ferguson
Romans 10:9-13

Introduction: For the last couple of weeks we have been discussing "The Greatest Deceptions Of All Times." IN the early verses of Romans 10, Paul warns about 4 great spiritual deceptions the Jews were succumbing to. The most serious kind of deception is spiritual deception because it has eternal consequences from which there is no possible recovery.

Today, I want us to continue our study in Romans as we move a little further into chapter 10, and today we are going to discuss "The Greatest News Of All Times." (Romans 10:9-13) Can I tell you what "The Greatest News Of All Times" is?... It is...

Text: Rom 10:13

I'm telling you, that is absolutely the greatest news that this world has ever received.

• It is great because it is a message directly from heaven and our Creator God
• It is great because it is a solution for mankind's greatest, most serious need.

Let me ask you... What do you think mankind's greatest need is today?

• Is it Education?... If it is, then the savior of the world would need to be an educator.
• Is it Economics?... (Karl Marx thought it was) Then the Savior of the world would need to be an economist
• Is it Human Rights?... If it is, then the savior of the world would need to be a judicator.
• Is it a clean Environment?... If it is, then the savior of the world would need to be an Ecologist.

I submit to you that all of these may be serious problems and needs that permeate human society... But none of them represent the greatest need of all.

You see, the greatest need mankind has is the need for a solution to his sin... And that is why the Savior of the world must be a "Sin-Bearer."

Jesus Christ came to be the Savior of the world... He came to be our "Sin Bearer."

Text: Luke 19:10

John The Baptist introduced Jesus saying, "Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away ...

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