by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (29 of 42)
The Deadliest Deceptions of All Times
Rick Ferguson
Romans 10:1-13

Introduction: "The world is filled with deceivers and plenty of deceptions"

Would you agree that a person has to be constantly alert for scams and con-games today? There are plenty of unscrupulous people out there, who are looking for naïve victims they can scam and bilk for money.

EX. A number of years ago I saw an advertisement for a "free boat and motor." I loved to fish, and I thought, what a deal, a free boat and motor. This is great. All I had to do was check a card that I wanted to be sent the free boat and motor and sign an agreement to pay all shipping and handling charges.
Like a fool, I signed on. Well the boat arrived at the our local post office, it was packaged in a box about the size of a computer box. It turned out to be nothing more than a little plastic float raft (like the kind you would use in a swimming pool) and the motor was a little electric type motor about the size of a food blender, that ran off some kind of battery... And shipping cost was some $600.
The whole thing was a deception... A scam. The people were giving away a boat and motor that probably had a value of $50.00 and was totally useless, then charging exorbitant shipping and handling charges.
I refused to accept the package and pay the shipping and handling charges. I sent the thing back to its place of origin, and then I got a nasty letter threatening to sue me, and press charges against me for breech of contract.
I found out later that the Attorney's General of Missouri had a case pending against this company for this scam they were running.
I spent some sleepless nights worrying about that. I had fallen for a great deception... And worse of all, Kathy was about to kill me for signing up for a $600.00 rubber raft. Boy did I ever feel like a fool, thinking someone was going to send me a free fish ...

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