by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (28 of 42)
The Comfort of Knowing God Is So Sovereign
Rick Ferguson
Romans 9:1-33

Introduction: There are some passages of scripture that I really wish the Holy Spirit had put a "cone-zone" around and He would just direct us to drive around them rather than through them. Some passages of scripture are difficult to understand and offensive to our flesh.

Well we have arrived at one of those passages today.

I have put off moving into Romans chapter 9 as long as I could.

• I tried to stall in Romans 8 as long as possible, knowing the chapter 9 was just around the corner
• Ever since I began preaching through Romans I have been secretly hoping the Rapture would occur before I got to chapter 9. ( I have waited as long as I know how and the Lord still hasn't come back and rescued me from preaching through this difficult chapter)

Romans chapter 9 is a profound treatise on the doctrine of Election. It is a difficult chapter and I know going into it that no matter how I interpret this chapter I am going to upset someone.

There simply is no way to preach this chapter without offending someone. So I am trying to brace myself and my staff for all the nasty letters of disagreement that are sure to pour in after today's message.

Some of you will disagree with what I believe about election and the sovereignty of God. And that is Okay... We'll still be friends and still love one another and still be a family. You see, I believe you have the right to be wrong if you want to... and that doesn't bother me. (Just kidding of course)

Believe me when I tell you, I would really like to go around this chapter and try to ignore it. But it rests right here in the middle of Romans and it refuses to be ignored.

NOTE: Brother Joel stuck his head in my office as I was trying to put some kind of outline together and figure out how I am going to exposit this chapter. He could tell I was str ...

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