by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (25 of 42)
His Sovereignty...Our Security
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:28-30

Introduction: I want to begin today's message by putting a word picture in your minds... "Hotdogs!"... (Get it?)

Let's do even better than that... "Ballpark Hotdogs!"
• Can you see one in your mind?
• Can you kind of taste one in your mouth?

(We're kind of like Pavlov's dogs. If you have the picture in your minds, you'll start salivating.)

My favorite part about going to a summer baseball game at the ballpark is the hotdogs. Ever since I was a little kid it's been that way.
• Who was playing on the home field was a secondary issue...
• Who won or lost the game was secondary issue...
I was there for the hotdogs.

Now that I'm an adult, I'll gladly...
• Pay $15 apiece for tickets
• Pay $15 or $20 to park
• Stand in line for an hour just to get into the park
• Sit in the blazing sun for 3 hours
Just to be able to pay $6 for one of those ballpark hotdogs and an ice-cold Coke.

If you're American, you love hotdogs... Right?

BUT.... There is another part about hotdogs that you need to know about, and it may impact your affection for hotdogs.

• Have you ever been to a "Processing Plant?"
• Have you ever seen how hotdogs are made?
• Have you ever seen the sights, smelled the smells of a slaughter house?

• Animals are slaughtered
• Animals are skinned and butchered
• The meat is cut, sliced and packaged
• The left-over gristle, fat, bone chips, rat droppings, bugs, and saw-dust off the floor is collected and compressed into those delicious "ballpark hotdogs!"

The truth is...
• WE all love hotdogs
• We all love how they taste
• We all love how they make us feel when we eat one...
But... I have to confess, I am kind of repulsed by the ingredients, components and parts of hotdogs.

The "dog" is good... But the component parts that make it function and taste so good a ...

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