by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (23 of 42)
Finding Hope in Every Hurt
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:16-25

Have you discovered that this world is a place that is filled with a lot of pain, suffering and death? I mean, everywhere you look you see the rampaging of evil, injustice and suffering.

• When you look into nature you see brutality, suffering, pain and death... Charles Darwin referred to it as "Survival of the fittest."
• When you look into human society you see the same brutality, suffering, pain and death...

EX. I just pulled the daily paper that was on my door step the day I began preparation on this message. Here is a sample of some of the headline news that was in the Denver Post, April 28th,

• A picture of a Marine Color Guard at the burial of one of the students killed in the Columbine rampage.
• "Killer On Psychiatric Medication" (a news story about one of the shooters)
• "Clinton OK's Call-up of Guard and Reserves" (activating 33,000 soldiers for Balkans)
• "Secret Data Exposed at Los Alamos" (Nuclear secrets given to China)
• "Grand Jury Indicts 10" (Government officials in Arkansas indicted for corruption)
• "Death Shrines Offer Sense of Unity- Mourning Goes Public in 90s"
• "Trumpeter Al Hirt Dies"
• "NATO Hits Homes in Serbia" (17 killed, 11 wounded, 50 homes destroyed and 600 damaged by bombs in a rural community)
And these are just the headlines from a single morning paper...

And these are just he stories of tragedy and suffering that made the paper. They don't tell the personal tragedies that millions of other people face on the same day....
• They don't tell about your trip to the doctor and the frightening news you've received
• They don't tell about the death of your parent
• They don't tell about your business being robbed
• They don't tell about your job being lost
• They don't tell about your aging parents whose health is failing fast

EX. The week I was preparing th ...

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