by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (22 of 42)
How to Authenticate Your Christianity
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:9-17

Question: Can I begin today by asking you a couple of probing questions...

(1) Do you consider yourself to be a Christian today?... Are you a Christian?
(2) What does it mean to you to be a Christian?

Can I tell you I get all kinds of answers to that question when I ask it to people? We live in a day where 9 out of 10 Americans own at least one Bible, and 86% of all Americans call themselves Christians.... YET...

• 38% believe it doesn't matter what religious faith you follow because they all teach the same lessons.
• 44% believe all people will experience the same outcome after death, regardless of the religious belief.
• 58% believe the primary purpose of life is enjoyment and fulfillment
• 40% believe all religious faiths teach equally valid truths (there is nothing unique or absolute about Christ or Christianity)
• 53% believe all people pray to the same god or spirit, no matter what name they use for that spiritual being
• 55% believe that if a person is generally good or does enough good things for others during their life, they will earn a place in heaven.
• 32% believe that whatever works in your life is the only truth you can know.

Can I tell you, the evidence indicates that a majority of people in America who think of themselves as "Christian" are using the term with a brand new definition. Certainly not the definition given in the Bible or the definition that has applied to Christians for 2,000 years.

Most Americans have concocted their own customized version of Christianity. It is a syncretistic faith that borrows from a lot of available and appealing faiths. The average American thinks it is perfectly wholesome and healthy to try to develop a faith and belief system that fits their life...RATHER THAN.... Shaping their lives to fit a faith that is based on absolute and immutable t ...

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