by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans (19 of 42)
Series: A Life-Management System that Works: Walking in the Spirit
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:1, 4, 14

Introduction. Personal Testimony: I had the good fortune of being raised in a Christian home, and as a result of the life and influence of my parents, I became a Christian at a very young age. I can still remember how thrilled I was to be saved. One of the earliest memories I have of my new Christian life is that of witnessing to my cousin on our school bus. (We lived way out in the country and I rode a school bus a long ways to and from school every day.) I remember telling my cousin who was a year younger than me that he needed to get saved also, and I can remember trying to explain to him what that meant.

However, in time, that initial joy and enthusiasm about being a Christian began to fade. I began to hang with the wrong kind of friends. My life began to be one major compromise and contradiction. I was involved in a lot of activity I knew was sinful and wrong. But I couldn't seem to be able to stop what I was doing. The joy of my salvation was gone. I was convicted day and night about being such a hypocrite and living such a compromising life. I was totally miserable, yet felt powerless to do anything about it.

Something happened my senior year of High School that set my life on a new direction. I became friends with some other young people who were genuinely filled with the Spirit of God. They were...Bold witnesses. Excited about the Bible. Filled with exceeding joy. Living an uncompromising life

This was all in the height of the Jesus movement of the 70s. I realized these friends were experiencing something I was not experiencing. My life was a stark contrast to theirs. And I liked what I saw in them a whole lot more than I liked what I saw in myself.

The difference between them and me, I discovered, was simply this THEY WERE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD AND WALKING I ...

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