by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (18 of 42)
A Life Management System that Works: LIVING IN THE SPIRIT
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:2-27


(1) Is your LIFE working for you today? I mean really working. Or, are beginning to be haunted by a sense that you just may be missing the real essence of life. Maybe you are beginning to have thoughts like this...

• There has to be more to life than this! Something is missing in my life.
• The things I thought would bring fulfillment and contentment to me just aren't living up to their promises.
• The energy, enthusiasm and idealism of my youth seems to be fading to the cold realization that life isn't what it's cut out to be

(2) Is your CHRISTIANITY working for you? I mean really working.

• Is your Christianity delivering everything it promised?
• Is your Christianity living up to its reputation?
• Is the experience of your life matching up to the stories you read in the Bible, and the sermons on victorious living you are hearing from the pulpit?

Or, if you were deadly honest today, you would have to say, "I am working as hard as I know how to be a good Christian, I am maintaining a good 'outward' appearance, but on the inside I not finding much joy, victory, fulfillment, contentment or rest."

Maybe you sometimes wonder if all the "Christianity" stuff is just an illusion. While you talk freely about
• Victory over sin
• Joy
• Spiritual Power
• Spiritual Direction and confidence
• Inner peace and contentment
• Answered prayer
• Triumphant living
The truth is.... You are experiencing very little of it!!

Can I tell you, you are not alone if you are experiencing some of those emotions and thoughts today. There have been plenty of days when I battled those very same thoughts and feelings.

The truth is, a lot of people are missing out on the real joy and strength of the Christian life, because they are living under the wrong MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

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