by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (16 of 42)
The Key to Inner Contentment...No Condemnation
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:1-2

Introduction: Do you know what the number 1 illness in America is today? The one illness more Americans suffer from than any other...

• It is not heart disease
• It is not cancer
• It is not AIDS
• It is not diabetes

It is DEPRESSION! More Americans are diagnosed each year with clinical depression than any other illness. Patients world wide are seeing psychologists and psychiatrists and receiving diagnosis such as...

• Psychotic depression
• Involutional psychosis
• Manic depressive
• Clinical depression

And the numbers of people suffering from deep, dark, paralyzing depression seem to be escalating at epidemic and alarming rates.

American medical authorities are grappling to find solutions to the alarming numbers of people who are suffering from the debilitating impact of mental depression.

I think we have to analyze the root cause of the depression before we can hope to find a solution to the problem... And I have to wonder if one of the primary causes of depression today is a wounded, negative inner thought life.

• Poor self image
• Feelings of inferiority stemming from a constant sense of guilt and inadequacy
• Lack of self-esteem
• Self deprecating thoughts]
• Negative thoughts about oneself
• Self condemnation and criticism
• Self deprecating thoughts

Well, at the risk of sounding like I am just spewing out a lot of psycho-babble, I do believe that how a person feels about their self affects their entire mental health and their entire perspective on life.

What people need is not Better Self Esteem... but Biblical Christ Esteem!!

You see my friend, I feel quite safe in saying every one of us has accepted some of the Devil's lies about ourselves... And we have believed them for so long, that even after we become a Christian, our emotions and thought patterns ar ...

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