by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (14 of 42)
Law Versus Life
Rick Ferguson
Romans 7:1-12

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever watched a gray hound chase a mechanical rabbit around a racing track? (Of course I have only seen it on television... I've never been to a dog-racing track)

Did you ever wonder, "What in the world motivates that dog to chase a mechanical rabbit around a racing track? He will actually chase that rabbit until either someone stops him, or he falls over dead from exhaustion.
• What does that dog think he is doing chasing a mechanical rabbit?
• Why does he do it?

Does that dog not realize he will never catch that mechanical rabbit...? He has chased it day after day after day, and he has never caught it before. You would think he would eventually figure out he is not ever going to catch it.

And even if he did catch it, what would he have caught? It is a flimsy piece of tin. He can't eat it. If he tries it will break his teeth. Why would he even want to catch it? It is not a real rabbit... It is a mechanical rabbit.

I thought about that gray hound dog's futile chase after a mechanical rabbit when I began studying the passage of scripture that is text for our study in the book of Romans for today. We come today to Romans chapter 7 in which the Apostle Paul tries to explain the believer's new relationship to The Law of God.

THE LAW OF GOD.... It can be man's greatest friend, leading him to life... OR... It can be man's greatest enemy leading him to death. It all depends on men having a right relationship to, and right understanding of the Law of God.


(1) TO THE UNSAVED PERSON... Who attempts to use the Law as his means for obtaining his own righteousness, and earn his way into right standing with God... His life will be similar to that gray hound chasing a mechanical rabbit.

• He is chasing after something he can never catch.
• It is total futility. He can ne ...

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