by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans (13 of 42)
Living in Conspicuous Victory
Rick Ferguson
Romans 6:14-23

Introduction: We come once again today to the 6th chapter of Romans for our time of study in God's word. I have to tell you, this is the chapter for which I have been waiting, because it contains such incredibly powerful truth, and such wonderfully good news, I could hardly wait to teach it to you. THIS IS THE GREAT VICTORY CHAPTER!

I also should tell you that this chapter is the chapter God used to really convince me to proceed with the effort to preach through the book of Romans. I had wanted to teach Romans for a long time. But I felt so fearful about the whole idea. And I felt so very inept for the job. This is a very deep, theological book of the Bible.


I had been reading through Romans non-stop, and repeatedly for a long time, asking God if He was leading me to preach and teach through this book on Sunday mornings in our church.

It was during this time that I went to a men's prayer retreat. God really moved on our men at this retreat, and we had an evening session where men began to openly confess sin in their lives, repenting of it and grasping for some way to get the victory over these powerful sin strong holds they were experiencing.

Everything was going fine until the guest leader for the retreat began to respond to these men, as they would stand and confess particular sins in theirs lives, by coaching them to pray out loud and "ASK GOD TO BREAK THAT PARTICULAR SIN'S POWER OVER THEIR LIVES."

When he began to coach our men to ask God to break a particular sin's power over their lives, I just about came un-glued. I had just enough of Romans in my heart and mind to be dangerous. I was familiar enough with Romans 6 to know that SINS POWER OVER US HAD ALREADY BEEN BROKEN... And it wasn't going to help our men one whit to have them to ask God to do what God had alre ...

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