by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans (12 of 42)
The Power of a New Identity
Rick Ferguson
Romans 6:1-14

Introduction: Have you ever wished you could make a new start in life?

• A new start in your career
• A new start in your marriage
• A new start in your interpersonal relationships
• A new start in your lifestyle

Ex... Sometimes it seems as though we have made so many mistakes and created so many disasters, that we cannot escape our past reputation.

Ex... Sometimes it seems like we have developed so many bad habits that we can't get free from them

Ex.... Sometimes it seems like we have made so many of the "wrong kind of friends" our old friends keep pulling us back into junk we have been trying to get free from.

There are times when we think...
• "If I could just pull up stakes and move some place new, where no one knows me,
• If I could just take on an entirely new identity,
• If I could make a brand new life, then...
I would not repeat so many of the mistakes that have made a wreck of my life."

I thought this at one time in my life. My family moved when I was in the last half of my 8th grade year of school. I had spent all 8 of the previous years in one school, and I had made the wrong kind of friends. I had developed some habits and got into some activities that were wrong. My life was one major contradiction and I knew it. I was miserable.

When we were in the process of moving I thought, "I am moving to a new location and a new school. No one there knows me, and I can get a brand new start. I'm not going to get caught up doing this sinful stuff that is convicting me day and night. I am going to make the right kind of friends and I'm going to live the right kind of life starting the first day I arrive there."

Guess what.... It did not work. I wasn't in my new school two days before I got connected once again with the wrong kind of friends and I was back to my old sinful habits.

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