by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (5 of 42)
But What About Good People?
Rick Ferguson
Romans 2:1-3:8

INTRODUCTION: One of the questions Christians are most often challenged with is the question "BUT WHAT ABOUT GOOD PEOPLE?"

It is easy to believe that God will someday judge and condemn wicked, immoral, evil, cruel people... But would a fair and just God judge and condemn a "GOOD" person?

EX. Most of us would cheer God on when it comes to His judgment and condemnation of people like...
• Charles Manson
• Ted Krizinski
• Timothy McVeigh
• Terry Nichols
• Pal Pot (of the Khmer Rouge who slaughtered more than 2 million Cambodian people)
• Jeffrey Dahmer

When it comes to how God will deal with people like this we'd all say, "Get 'em' God. They deserve to be judged and condemned. Send them to hell. Let them fry. That is justice."

But I wonder if we have the same enthusiasm for God judging our
• close family members]
• next door neighbors
• our buddies on the soft ball team
• our friends at work
• our beautician
• our friends of "other faiths"
Who, though they have never been saved, or do not claim to be "born again" and really do not necessarily claim to be Christians..... None the less, they are basically good, moral people.

YEAH.... What about them???

Skeptics and critics of Christianity have always claimed a just God would NEVER judge and condemn "GOOD" people right along with "BAD" people.

A couple of things I have observed about this challenge to Christianity....

(1) Our judgments of what constitutes "Good" and "Bad" are always RELATIVE.

• Frankly, I have met very few people in my life who considered themselves to really be a "BAD" person, deserving the judgment and condemnation of God.
• I've met very few people who thought their family, friends and neighbors were really bad people deserving the judgment and condemnation of God.

EX. I have conducted several hundred funerals ...

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