by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans (4 of 42)
The Death of a Civilization
Rick Ferguson
Romans 1:18-32

Question: Are you concerned about the general direction of our society today?
Question: Are you concerned about the obvious erosion of morals and values?
Question: Does it frighten you to open the headlines and daily read about the crime, violence, sexual perversion that seems to permeate our culture?

NOTE: I kept track of just some of the headlines that were in our daily papers during the week I was preparing this message... Listen to just a few

• The papers were filled with headlines related to President Clinton's latest sexual scandal. Every day there were charges of infidelity, lying, and obstruction of justice, along with speculations regarding his possible resignation, or even impeachment proceedings.

• A group of professors are suggesting that babies are not really "People" until a certain age in their life, therefore, it would be expectable to kill babies if defects were discovered in them up to a certain age.

• The Navy was ordered to keep a gay sailor accusing the Navy of violating the current "don't ask... don't tell" policy toward homosexuals.

• A black newspaper in Mississippi was firebombed.

• The President is calling on Congress to press forward on legislation to ban human cloning.

• An update on the new euthanasia law allowing physician assisted suicide. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported how doctors in the Netherlands have taken similar laws to the next step, and begun arguing that in certain circumstances doctors should neither require nor seek consent of mentally competent patients before they kill them....

"One such chilling incident was 'a nun whose physician ended her life a few days before she would have died because she was in excruciating pain but her religious convictions did not permit her to ask for death.' In another case, a patient with ad ...

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