by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans (1 of 42)
Pillars of Faith: The Marks of an Authentic Christian
Rick Ferguson
Romans 1:1-7


There has been a mountain I have wanted to climb for many years.
- It is an awesome, beautiful, high mountain.
- I have often journeyed to the base of it, and studied it only to back away in fear and intimidation by its sheer size and majesty.
- Time and time again I have come to the foot of this mountain with every intention of scaling it, only to leave and tell myself "I will do it some other day."
- But the mountain keeps beckoning back.

Well today I have come to the base of this mountain once again, and this time I am not turning back. I intend to climb this mountain, and I want to take all of you with me.

The mountain of which I speak is the beautiful, incomprehensible, powerful New Testament book of ROMANS.

I have wanted to preach through the book of Romans for many many years. And there have been a number of occasions when I studied the book and attempted to prepare to preach it, but backed away because I felt so intimidated and inept at analyzing and preaching the greatest doctrinal treatise of the Christian faith.

When I come to the book of Romans I am humbled by its depth, and its doctrine. It is a book where every verse, even every word is pregnant with divine truth.

In preparing for this study of Romans
- I have spent more than a year reading a chapter of Romans a day. So I have read through the book countless times this past year, and still feel like I barely know the book.
- Last summer the leadership of this church allowed me to take a 4 week sabbatical. One of those weeks I spent in the mountains praying and fasting alone. I spent the days pouring over the book of Romans and attempting to outline every chapter... And I still fell like I am just now scratching the surface of the rich contents of this spiritual "Mother Load" of divine tr ...

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