by Stan Coffey

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Help for Today – Hope for Tomorrow (2 of 5)
Getting On Top OF Your Problems
Stan Coffey
Matthew 11:28-30; Galatians 5:1

In Matthew chapter 11, we are going to read from there and then go to Galatians 5. Today I want to speak on "Getting On Top Of Your Problems." Certainly there is much from Jesus and from His word about our problems and how to get on top of them.

What does the Bible mean when Paul says don't let yourself be burdened again by the yoke of slavery? Well, he is talking about Satan's number one psychological weapon to keep us from living with the freedom and the joy and the happiness that Christ wants us to have. And that is the burden of perfectionism. If we were talking in theological terms, we would say the burden of legalism. Paul says now Christ has set you free from this so don't go back and pick up this heavy burden of perfectionism, trying to get the approval of God, trying to get the approval of others and trying to get the approval of yourself by your performance. Christ has set you free from that burden. Because as long as you are carrying that burden of trying to achieve perfection, trying to achieve approval by the way you perform in the things that you are able to do, you will always carry with you a burden that will pull you down because you will never be able to measure up to the standard that you set for yourself and the standard that others set for you. We call that in theology, legalism. Trying to earn heaven by the life we live, trying to earn the smile of God and His approval by the things that we do. And then feeling that we never quite measure up and so we are burdened down. Now Christ said, lay that burden down of trying to achieve perfection in your own strength and come to Me and take instead My burden which is grace and My burden He said, is light and My burden is easy. And that is because Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago, went to the cross and He took the heavy burden of my mistakes and my imperf ...

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