by Stan Coffey

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Help for Today – Hope for Tomorrow (1 of 5)
How To Have A New Beginning
Stan Coffey
Genesis 32:22-32

We are going to begin a new series today entitled "Help For Today and Hope For Tomorrow." If you have your Bible I want you to look at Genesis 32:22 and we are speaking today about "How To Have A New Beginning."

In this story, God said to Jacob your name shall be no longer Jacob but you shall be called Israel. How to have a new beginning, with every New Year there comes a since of a new beginning. God is giving us an opportunity to change our life for the better. And you know, I think people really do want to change their lives for the better. We read self help books, we go to seminars, we go to classes, and we listen to tapes, all of those things trying to change our life for the better. And whether it is to loose weight and have a more positive attitude, gain new skills, whatever it may be, I believe people today have a real need and a real desire to change for the better. And you know, we will make a change a lot of times at the beginning of the year, we will go on a diet, we will start an exercise program, but the problem is we don't keep it up. It lasts for a little while and suddenly we find ourselves right back in the same old rut of life. Why? Why doesn't change last? I think it is because we focus on the outside behavior but real change only comes on the inside in the heart. Man look on the outward appearance, God looks on the heart. And change is an inside job. God changes us from the inside out.

Now this man Jacob shows us that it is never too late to have a new beginning. He is a man who is past the middle age of life and yet he encounters God in a wrestling match and as a result of that wrestling match, this middle-aged man is totally changed at the core of his being. He becomes a brand new person. And the story of Jacob's wrestling match with God gives us four principles that tell us how we can have a new beginning, how we can ...

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