by Stan Coffey

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Experiencing Life Before Death (7 of 9)
How Can I Face The Future?
Stan Coffey
Ecclesiastes 8:7

We are continuing in our series "Experiencing Life Before Death." And today we are talking about "How Do I Face The Future?" How can I face the future? Not long from now we are going to be entering a brand new year, we are already beginning to think about winding an old year up, starting a new year. And as we look toward the future, we want to be thinking about how to face it and be successful.

Now Americans have an unquenchable thirst to know the future, to know what lies ahead. We make books like "Mega Trends", "Mega Trends 2000" best sellers because we want to know the trends in economics and in culture and in business life. And in our church we tried to study this year the trends in Amarillo, the growth of our city. We tried to anticipate the kind of ministry and programs we are going to need to meet the needs of the people through Jesus Christ in the days to come. And of course, some people do all kinds of crazy things to try to find out what the future holds for them personally.

We have astrologers and horoscopes and tarot cards and palm readings and all those kinds of businesses and psychics on television inviting you to call a number pay $3 a minute or $10 a minute and they will tell you what your future holds. All those kinds of things are false. Every one of them is false. Just save your money because you are just wasting it if you are trying to find out the future in that kind of way.

Only God knows what the future holds. Only God can tell us how to prepare for the future. There are a lot of ifs in life. In fact you can't spell life without using if. Right in the middle of life there is an if. And it is true as we look at the future we have to base it sometimes on if. But if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you look ahead to the future and there are some ways you can prepare for it.


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