by Stan Coffey

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Experiencing Life Before Death (6 of 8)
How Much Money Is Enough?
Stan Coffey
Ecclesiastes 5:10

We have been talking for several Sundays about "Experiencing Life Before Death." And today, we are talking about "How Much Money Is Enough?" It seems that no matter how much we make it is never enough. And Solomon was an authority on money. He wrote the book of Ecclesiastes. He was money driven person. He was a wealth-oriented person. The wealthiest man in the Old Testament. And in the first message we saw how Solomon said that he had more education than any other king, he had more training than any king before him, that he built greater works, greater public works, greater buildings and a greater palace than any other king before him. And so he is certainly qualified to speak on the subject, "How Much Money Is Enough?" If anybody had enough money to satisfy them, it would have to be King Solomon.

Then verse 11, what is the advantage of wealth? In a survey of one of the wealthiest counties in the United States of America, in fact, the per capita income is 80% greater than the average income per capita in America. They did a survey and asked the question, are you making enough money to have your needs met? Every single person surveyed said, I am not making quite enough. About 20-40% more money and then I would have enough money.

One of the wealthiest men in the world was once asked how much money is enough? He said just a little more. And the Bible has a great deal to say about this subject. Solomon asked the question three thousand years ago. He said what is the advantage of wealth? And so in this message I want to do three things. I want us to look at what we hope wealth will bring, then I want us to look at what wealth really brings, and then I want us to look at how God wants us to use our wealth.


The first thing is, what we hope wealth will bring. And of course, we hope wealth will bring thre ...

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