by Stan Coffey

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Experiencing Life Before Death (2 of 8)
How Can I Be Happy?
Stan Coffey
Ecclesiastes 6:6

What a great day to be in God's house, amen? And just to worship and to study together. And I am excited about the series that we are experiencing right now called, "Experiencing Life Before Death." And today is the second message in that series and the message today is entitled, "How Can I Be Happy?" How can I be happy, that is a question that every person who has ever lived has asked at one time or another? The quest for happiness. And I want you to look at Ecclesiastes chapter 6 verse 6. How can I be happy? The wisest man in the Old Testament wrote these words.

The living Bible gives us this paraphrase, though man lives a thousand years twice over but doesn't find contentment, what's the use? In other words, it doesn't matter about the length of life; it is the quality of life that is important. Jesus came not just to add years to our life but also to add life to our years. And yet so many people around us are in a quest for happiness, but it seems it eludes them. It seems to be the elusive dream, that one can really be happy in life. Solomon said you may live to be two thousand years old, but if your life was not a life of happiness, what good did it do to live all that time?

Now Solomon was uniquely qualified in the quest for happiness. He tried five things we are going to look at this morning to find happiness. To try to find the answer to how can I be happy? And he of course, was king. He had lots of time, he had unlimited wealth in his quest for happiness, he had unlimited resources so if anybody should have been happy it was this man called Solomon who was the richest of all the Kings of Israel. He had everything that we think of in the American dream and much, much more. He was the wealthiest man in all the Bible. Solomon's wealth was so great that if you calculated it in to today's dollars you could take Ross Pierot, Sam Walton, th ...

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